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Stock Lot Buyer

We all as Factory Outlet Partial is one stop finding clothing manufacturer & StockLotSupplier, Fashion woven, knitwear and sweaters manufacturing company based in the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh. Click here,,, A unique and dynamic finding agency offers its customers, the best solution for sourcing Ready Made Apparel, Stocklots, textiles, yarn, printings and garment accessories regionally from Bangladesh and around the globe from India, China, Taiwan and Thailand and performing the key clothing exporters in Bangladesh. For More,,, Concerning long-term working experience as Factory Store Limited always serving their international buyer’s cost-effective value-added package by acquiring everything to its competition. We are in a leading put in place the buying and finding agency business for providing the best quality, artistry, and prices with regular deliveries. We are the best among all Bangladesh fashion apparel sourcing real estate agents and clothing & StockLot suppliers of Bangladesh. Click here..


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